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Enjoy My Fabulous Wine!


As you might have guessed – I adore wine!

A glass of fizz always brings a smile to my face.

And even the finest food always tastes better with a glass.

I only serve wines that I love – I’ve been searching for years & years, and these are the very best out of the 100s I’ve tasted.

They’re all certified delicious by 1000s of happy customers who just keep coming back for more!





Prosecco Spumante, La Jara, Italy (o)(v)

Gold medal winner.

Prosecco royalty. The best I’ve ever tasted!


125 ml glass6.00

Pink Prosecco

Pinot Grigio Spumante Rosato, La Jara, Italy (o)(v)

Gold medal winner.

Extra fruity with gazillions of tiny soft bubbles.



Extraordinary Ashling Park

Ashling Park ‘Cuvée’ NV, West Sussex, England

Even better than Champagne!

World Wine gold medal winner. Simply magnificent!




Berry-Bursting Montepulciano

2020 ‘420’, Montepulciano d`Abruzzo, Torri Cantine, Italy (o)(v)

Blackberry Crumble!

Ferociously fruity but lighter and less intense than the Côtes du Rhône, this is a lovely easy-drinking wine.


175 ml glass7.00
250 ml glass9.00

Rich Côtes du Rhône

2020 Cotes du Rhone, ‘Confidence’, Fond Croze, France (o)(v)

Deep & velvety.

A gold medal winning marvel brimming with blackberries. Perfect with red meat & cheese. [Andrew’s Favourite]


175 ml glass7.00
250 ml glass9.00

Stonking Malbec!

2020 Malbec Quinde Reserve, Bodegas Vinecol, Mendoza, Argentina (o)(v)

So much fruit!

Easy to see why this gorgeous organic Malbec from the finest winemaking region in Argentina is my bestselling red.


175 ml glass7.00
250 ml glass9.00

Spectacular Carménère

2020 Caliterra Pétreo, Carménère, Chile (o)(v)

Rich, smooth, savoury.

Pronounced CAR-MEN-YEAH, this rare and special wine is hand-produced in Chile’s finest vineyard. It’s so good I call it a bucket list wine: one you have to try before you die!


175 ml glass7.50
250 ml glass9.50

The Black Elephant

2016 The Black Elephant, Syrah, Murmurium, Vaucluse, France (o)(v)


Exploding with Syrah fruit and peppery goodness, this extraordinary organic wine is produced from very old vines on a small family vineyard. Once tasted, never forgotten!




Easy Pinot Grigio

2020 Pinot Grigio, La Jara, Italy (o)(v)

Light ‘n’ fruity.

Italian sunshine in a glass. Beware – extremely sippable!


175 ml glass6.00
250 ml glass8.00

Citrussy Pecorino

2020 ‘420’, Pecorino, Torri Cantine, Italy (o)(v)

Light & bright.

The pecorino grape shares its name with a famous Italian sheep’s cheese. The sheep like to eat the grapes! Crisp & fresh with lots of citrus and apricot.


175 ml glass7.00
250 ml glass9.00

Punchy Viognier

2020 Viognier, Domaine de Belle Mare, Pays d’Oc, France (o)


Pronounced VEE-YON-YAY, this lovely wine sits snuggly between the citrussy tang of the Pecorino and the bold fruitiness of the Sauvignon – suits most tastes.


175 ml glass7.00
250 ml glass9.00

Fruity Sauvignon

2021 Domaine Cavalier Blanc, Chateau Lascaux, France (bio)(v)

Big & fruity!

Made from a really clever blend of grapes: sharp Sauvignon is softened by Roussanne & Marsanne then Viognier gives it a kick! A wonderful fruity wine with plenty of body. Yum!


175 ml glass7.00
250 ml glass9.00

Sophisticated Garrigue

2021 ‘Garrigue Blanc’, Chateau Lascaux, Languedoc, France (bio)(v)


A stunning 5-grape blend creates layers and layers of flavour. [Vermentino, Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache Blanc & Viognier.] Mmm! White peaches. Not too dry. Not too sweet. The wine I choose when I deserve a treat!


175 ml glass7.50
250 ml glass9.50

Luxurious Pouilly-Fumé

2020 Terres Blanches, Domaine du Bouchot, France (bio)(v)

High End Sauvignon.

Pronounced POO-EEE FOOMAY, (FOOMAY for short), this glorious French classic has IMMENSE flavour. Mountains of apricots vs. citrus turned up to 11 leaves every tastebud tingling and begging for more!




Lovely Lobetia

2020 Pálido Rosé ‘Lobetia’, Dominio de Punctum, Gernacha, Spain (o)(v)

Fun ‘n’ Fruity!

Easy-drinking, sunny day wine – puts a smile on your face!


175 ml glass6.00
250 ml glass8.00

Captivating Garrigue Rosé

2021 Rosé ‘Garrigue’, Chateau Lascaux, Languedoc, France (bio)(v)

Full of Flavour!

Complex, sophisticated, [not sweeet]. Deeply satisfying.


175 ml glass7.50
250 ml glass9.50

Wine Legend: (bio) = biodynamic, (o) = organic, (v) = vegan
125 ml glasses of wine are also available.
Please don’t be offended if your youthful good looks prompt us to ask you for proof of age!

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